Thank you so much for agreeing to be a Midhurst Angel. At such an unprecedented time it is so wonderful to see a community come together.

Our main priority is to keep you, as a volunteer, and our charges who we are trying to support, as safe as possible. We ask that you adhere to our guidelines
wherever possible.

If you are unsure or have a cause for concern please report it immediately to your group leader or to the hotline.

Continue to check the Covid-19 Midhurst Angels Facebook page for updated lists of suppliers who are delivering goods.

We’re all in this together.
Thanks again!

Please do

  • check in on your person viatelephone regularly
  • adhere toGovernment Guidelines on SocialDistancing
  • direct people to thegov.uk or NHS websites forinformation
  • offer reassuranceand a listening ear
  • keep allinformation such as addressesand contact details confidential
  • point people to the Angel’srecommended suppliers list forgroceries
  • wear necessary PPE

Please avoid

  • offering medical advice or sharing information from unreliable sources
  • exchanging money, especially the handling of cash
  • unnecessarily going shopping, avoid stores wherever possible
  • making arrangements without logging it with a group leader

Want to help? Become a volunteer!

If you have read our rules and still want to become a volunteer to help those in the community,
please get in touch and we will assign you a group leader to report to.

Call us at:

07538 839703


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