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Covid-19 Midhurst Angels is a Facebook page, set up to help local people in times of stress whilst battling the impact of the worldwide coronavirus disease.

The Facebook page is therefore subjected to the overall terms and conditions imposed by Facebook. All members of the Covid-19 Midhurst Angels group have the scope to control their general privacy settings in their Facebook account themselves, but this privacy notice relates to the way their posts on the Covid-19 Midhurst Angels Facebook page are handled.

The Covid-19 Midhurst Angels group is not a registered charity, and the Administrators do not charge for offering this free service. At no point will users of this site be asked for money, unless it is recompense for a debt incurred by a volunteer on behalf of a local resident, e.g. shopping as agreed beforehand between both parties.

  1. The purpose of, and legal basis for, collecting and processing personal information relating to local residents of the Midhurst area is ‘the performance of a task carried out in the public interest’. All data is voluntarily submitted, and is not captured from any other sources.
  2. The Facebook page is currently open to non-members so that others can benefit from the information shared on the page. Please understand, therefore, that other people outside the group will be able to read your posts, although the main audience is residents of the GU29 area. The need to keep the page open will be regularly reviewed.
  3. It is imperative that personal information is not included in Facebook posts, to protect members’ privacy and security. It is solely the members’ responsibility to check their own posts.
  4. The page is managed by a small Admin Team, who act as the Data Controllers, and Data Processors of the information submitted by the members of the group. Membership includes volunteers offering a variety of services, and local residents who need their help.
  5. Data is stored on the Facebook page, and copied into a spreadsheet managed and held securely by the Admin Team. The spreadsheet is not shared outside of the Admin Team.
  6. The personal data stored on the spreadsheet includes:Name, Contact phone number and Addresses.Where necessary, and where volunteered, we will be taking prescription details where required.
  7. Facebook volunteers are also copied into one of a set of WhatsApp groups, in order to serve the same purpose and aid communication. Any member concerned about having their data shared in this way can opt out, by contacting the Admin Team as shown on the Facebook page.
  8. The Admin Team assign requests to a relevant volunteer. Both parties are asked to liaise with each other via private messaging or phone to make arrangements for the task to be conducted. No-one else is involved in the discussion.
  9. Other than for the purposes set out above, personal data will not be shared with any other member or third party. The data collected will not be used for any other purpose.
  10. Every member has the right to withdraw or amend their comments from the Facebook page and have their data removed or amended from the spreadsheet and WhatsApp group. Please contact the Admin Team, as shown at the top of the Facebook team, to arrange to have this done.
  11. Other rights members of the group have are to see the information contained about them in the spreadsheet, have it provided it in a machine-readable format and object to the way the data is used.
  12. The website, Facebook page and WhatsApp groups will only be operational for the duration of self-isolation, social distancing, closure of public meeting places and any other form of lockdown relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Once the restrictions have been lifted, the support spreadsheet will be kept securely for two months after that deletion, as a contingency in case any queries arise. After that, the spreadsheet will be deleted.

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