Meet the Angels’ coordinators

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We would like to introduce the Midhurst Angels Coordinating Team.

A mere 12 days ago the Midhurst Angels didn’t exist. Now, thanks to incredible local business who have really got behind the initiative (more about them coming soon) and the passion for looking after Midhurst residents in this uncertain time, we now have over 150 residents who have used our service in one way or another, prescriptions being delivered daily, a sign written van, a website which is going live tonight and over 150 incredible wonderful volunteers on the ground, being angels in so many different ways.

We are humbled by the support and so proud to be part of this.

For now, please meet:

  • Jess Brown-Fuller
  • Katy Tytler
  • Jeanette Sutton
  • Carol Cantlon
  • Fiona Haggie
  • Louise Ashcroft
  • Frankie Swan
  • Paul Du Heaume
  • Yvonne Gravely
  • Stephanie Goodfellow
  • Carol Lintott

The biggest thanks though goes to all of you as volunteers – without you, none of this would work.

You are all true Angels

Call us at:

07538 839703


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